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Our story began at the heart of the farming community around Rolla, B.C. A love of the outdoors and good neighbors inspired the dream of a venue created to emphasize those community values. Moving that dream from the fields and hills of the B.C. Peace into the heart of the Dawson Creek Community birthed the foundation of Rimrock Ridge Enterprises INC in 2018. Inspired by the friendly rural Canadian spirit, Rimrock Ridge Ent set in motion plans to open a multi faceted business establishment. Aside from renting residential and public assembly space (known as the Living Room Contemplative Center) to a local spiritual community, we initiated 2 different business operations. The first development was opening The Golf Barn, an indoor virtual golf facility featuring 3 Golfzon Simulators. Also, along side The Golf Barn is a cozy café Beans & Barley owned and operated by some very good friends. Set up with specialty coffee and a comfortable lounge servicing the golf facility as well our friends and neighbors of Dawson Creek. After many months retro-fitting our building, we were finally ready to open in April of 2020. The second development was to move our automotive repair shop into our new space. Raptor Pro Mechanics (RPM)  opened its in town location in the Summer of 2020 which had been operating near Rolla since 2013. 

Each of our facilities were crafted with a genuine interest in neighborly values. Our goal is not only to offer a service but to share an experience, to open up our space to our friends and to form a trusting and long lasting bond with those who knock on our door. Our love of beauty and nature was front of mind during our design stage and extra effort was placed on aesthetic appeal. We believe hard work and creativity are part of a good lifestyle, which is why we took the time to hand craft many of our design features ourselves. Being a good neighbor isn't a business, it's a craft, one that we are dedicated to improving for years to come. 

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A winter golf hotspot


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1444 102 Ave
Dawson Creek, V1G 2C9

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