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Raptor Pro Mechanics: Welcome


good service isn't extinct

Since 2013, Raptor Pro Mechanics has been home to many vehicle repairs and happy customers. But in 2019 something special happened, RPM was brought into the Rimrock Ridge Enterprises group of companies. So we packed up our tools in our small shop near Rolla and headed into town. When you live in the north, owning a vehicle is standard business. In fact most of us own a couple. It's no secret that as your vehicle ages it's components wear, eventually leading to breakdowns and down time. Staying on top of maintenance can save you time and money in repairs. It's like a wise man once said, $1 in maintenance is worth $2 in repairs. That's why RPM is more than just a standard repair shop. We're an interactive part of your vehicles health and a friendly part of your day. That's what being a good neighbor is all about. To us, it starts with a switch in mentality. In the repair industry we hear all the time that its all about throughput. The more vehicles through the door, the more repairs you can bill out. While it's obvious that a shop has to have work to stick around, our focus is not on quantity but quality. In other words, before we think about bringing another vehicle into the shop, we're devoted to giving 110% to make sure you are not just satisfied but feel your expectations are exceeded. Because to us you're not just a paying customer, you're our neighbor and friend. We know that when you feel appreciated and at home it grows our trust in each other. Relationships like that make our community stronger and safer. Aside from that, we REALLY like fixing stuff.

Raptor Pro Mechanics: Welcome
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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Phone - 250 (782) - 1833

Raptor Pro Mechanics: Opening Hours
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